July 2019 Newsletter 



Mohair South Africa (MSA) is working closely with Textile Exchange in the development of the new, internationally recognised Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS).


The RMS will incorporate the mohair industry’s existing Sustainable Production Guidelines into the globally-recognised Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), and will form a new ethical framework for all sustainable mohair producers.


The goal of the RMS is to provide the industry with a code of best practices, and to recognise farmers with a progressive and responsible approach to land management and the ethical treatment of animals. An International Working Group call schedule has been finalised and public stakeholder engagement is envisaged to take around 3 months, at which time the final draft RMS will be discussed at the Textile Exchange Conference in Vancouver in October 2019.



On May 28th 2019, Mohair South Africa, alongside Cape Wools, hosted a meeting which brought 14 different stakeholders representing both the wool and mohair industries together. The meeting focused on the common challenges facing both sectors and finding the most efficient solutions to these challenges.

The meeting was effective in identifying and prioritising the challenges requiring immediate attention and scheduling solution-oriented initiatives to address these issues. Only good feedback can be expected from the collaboration of the industry leaders, which commenced in January this year, and upcoming progress will be shared accordingly.



Following the presentation of a WGSN global fashion trend report at SA Fashion Week in January, the South African Mohair Cluster (SAMC) and Mohair South Africa invited some of the SA Fashion Week designers to visit the Eastern Cape in order to develop a better understanding of the mohair industry.

Over the course of two days, brands such as Erre, Isabel de Villiers, Lukhanyo Mdingi and The Fields were on the road visiting different sectors of the mohair industry, from the farm all the way through to processing.

A sincere thank you is extended to all parties involved in this initiative.



The 5th annual Chinese Mohair Design Competition recently took place in Shanghai. Five universities were represented by their top ten students, with a total of fifty students showcasing their designs in the final show. Placing the cherry on top, our very own SA designer Leandi Mulder, currently completing her studies at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, took first place with her magnificent mohair woven design.


The design incorporated hand-weaving techniques and various textures to create an expressive, radiant and unique appearance. The loose-fitting cowl-neck top was created with hand knitted squares, stitched together to create a simple sleeve top combined with
patchwork appliques.


The MSA team travelled abroad to the United Kingdom in June to attend brand meetings at the John Lewis head office in London. These meetings were held in collaboration with Textile Exchange and the Head of Sustainability at John Lewis. The development of the Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) was discussed, including the progress and milestones achieved within the last year. Brands were given insight into the industry, and as well as the opportunity to ask questions. The meetings have proven to be invaluable, positively influencing perceptions of the mohair industry.
Pitti Filati
From London to Italy, the MSA team made their way to Pitti Filati, one of the biggest trend forecasting tradeshows in the yarn industry. The MSA stand was curated to bring mohair products together, from yarns and swatches, through to accessories, garments and interior pieces, representing local and international mohair spinners and knitwear designers. The stand was brought to life through the elegant selection of pieces, inspired by the picturesque colours of the Karoo vegetation.
The stand remained busy throughout the show, providing a platform for interested designers and spinners to ask questions about the products and the industry background, as well as get a feel for the product itself. The main theme of the tradeshow focused heavily on sustainability from the beginning of the process through to the end product. Mohair South Africa, alongside Textile Exchange, were given the opportunity to present to many brands and designers attending the trade show, once again giving insight into the mohair industry and the development of the Responsible Mohair Standard.