Monday, 29th October 2018

Beauty Mokgwamme is our very own Empowerment and Training Officer, having joined Mohair SA in August 2018. Working under the Empowerment Trust, set up to promote black economic empowerment within the mohair industry, her role is to identify potential projects and assess their viability, manage approved projects and provide training to farmers and students from strategically-identified institutions. In her first month, she trained 77 students from Grootfontein, and was nominated to represent the mohair Industry at a round table discussion with Agricultural Commodity Business leaders and The Minister of Agriculture in November.

Before joining us, Beauty graduated with a BTech in Animal Production from UNISA and a National Diploma in Agriculture Management from Grootfontein College of Agriculture, the only college in SA that focuses on and specialises in Angora goats. She continued to work for the college as an Agricultural Training Officer for the next 10 years, driven by the love and passion she developed for Angora goats during her studies.

Beauty is calm and approachable, and is a mentor to many in both her professional and social life. She enjoys developing people, especially the youth of SA, to ensure a better and more sustainable future for our country. Her involvement in empowerment and training is a calling more than a vocation, and she works hard every day to make sure that she contributes positively to the industry and helps to change the living standards of Africans. We wish her well in her new position.