Mohair South Africa (MSA) and the South African Mohair Cluster (SAMC) Collaboration

24 April 2019

MSA has been working closely with the SAMC over the course of the last year, and it’s important to share our renewed commitment to collaborating with the SAMC in the upliftment of the Mohair Sector of South Africa for the Cluster’s Years 3 to 5 (Phase 2: April 2019 – March 2022).

Between the two organisations, the focus is on ensuring that each respective organisation respects its own mandate and that any duplication of efforts is removed. MSA and the SAMC have a Memorandum of Agreement in place that defines the commitment and outlines expectations and areas of cooperation.

For the Mohair Sector, it’s important for MSA to keep Stakeholders informed, and we believe it to be an opportune time to share the mandate of MSA and the SAMC with you so that the Sector understands the different yet equally critical roles both organisations play, and why working together is so important.

MSA Mandate

MSA’s primary objective is to advance the Mohair industry through support of the promotion of Mohair production within South Africa, and the stimulation of sustainable demand for Mohair globally. To achieve this, MSA will focus on achieving the following supplementary objectives:

1. Develop and maintain industry standards, and facilitate ethical and sustainable practices for the South African Mohair Sector.

2. Work towards increasing the production of sustainably-produced, quality Mohair to maintain our position as global leaders.

3. Actively market the Mohair fibre to local and global stakeholders and markets through promotion and relationship building.

4. Actively seek international partnerships and affiliations that will enhance the consumption of Mohair and lead to sustainable demand and profitability.

5. The collection, processing and dissemination of reliable marketing and production statistics and research.

6. Provide support and upliftment in areas of empowerment and education.

SAMC Mandate

The SAMC’s mandate is to develop an understanding of the challenges facing the Mohair Sector in South Africa and to utilise that understanding to develop our local value chains through competitiveness improvements within participating companies. To achieve this, SAMC will focus on the following supplementary objectives:

1. Develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities in growing South Africa greasy Mohair production from 2300 t/a to 3500 – 4500 t/a.

2. Establish South Africa as a dominant and significant contributor and preferred global supplier to the global Mohair value chain.

3. Grow value-added local manufacturing of quality mohair into processed hair (tops), yarn and market-focused finished products for local and international markets.

4. Ongoing technological innovation and development in raw material hair yield, hair quality and hair availability based on sustainable practices and procedures.

5. Finalise a collaborative Sector Business Plan based on interactions with Key Sector Stakeholders to include identified Interventions and Budgets after approval and prior to next disbursement

The intention is for these efforts to grow economic contribution and employment in South Africa.

We welcome any queries relating to this communication.

Kind regards,

The MSA Team