We are delighted to announce the appointment of Lindsay Humphreys to the position of General Manager of Mohair South Africa. We look forward to seeing great things from Lindsay and are excited by the new avenues of possibility that she is opening for Mohair SA and the South African mohair industry as a whole.

Lindsay is well-positioned to enact and manage efficient and effective interventions, having spent the last 8 years in the Marketing Department of Mohair South Africa, while working closely with the Managing Director to implement business strategies and monitor company performance. She has proven herself to be an invaluable asset with demonstrable strategic abilities, strong innovative thinking and natural communication skills.

Holding a deep passion for the Mohair fibre, Lindsay is constantly inspired by the love and respect our local farmers have for these gentle animals. She feels a deep responsibility to change the recent unfair global perception of the South African mohair farmers, and is dedicated to showcasing the beautiful partnership that develops between man and goat.

In her new role as General Manager, Lindsay will be executing the Board’s strategic decisions in order to ensure the sustainability and growth of the South African mohair industry, providing leadership to the team and overseeing all financial aspects of all MSA initiatives. As part of these responsibilities, she will be engaging with various organisations to promote the use of SA mohair across international industries.

The next few months will see Lindsay focusing on the successful implementation of the new internationally-accepted Responsible Mohair Standards at both a farm and business level in order to build trust and support in the SA mohair industry. This will include extensive global travels to ensure that the process is understood and that trust is restored.

Lindsay will continue to manage the Marketing Department, enhancing brand awareness and driving product demand throughout the international value chain, as well as providing brand strategy insights and monitoring company performance.

Kind regards,

The Mohair South Africa Board of Directors