What Sustainability Means to the Mohair Industry

Friday, 8 March 2019

In a world faced with desperate challenges to overcome the effects of climate change, and of human over-use of natural resources, it is crucial that every effort is put into finding sustainable resources to replace those that take from the earth but give nothing back. Mohair is a natural, renewable resource, and its production works in harmony with nature. It is our aim to ensure that the South African mohair industry is as sustainable as possible and has no negative impact on animals, humans or our planet as a whole.

With roughly half of all mohair being produced in South Africa – particularly in the Karoo region of the Eastern Cape – it is essential that our mohair industry remains committed to environmental awareness and complete traceability.

Mohair South Africa was born from the acknowledgement of the responsibilities that come with being the world’s most reliable source of quality mohair, and aims to advance the entire South African mohair industry in terms of both the environmental and human elements of production.

To achieve this objective, Mohair SA has partnered with numerous key players in both the local and international mohair industry to develop effective measures that will ensure the long-term growth and improvement of the sector. We believe that shared knowledge, a vigorous commitment to continuous improvement, progressive attitudes and financial discipline are crucial ingredients for the future success of the industry.

In alliance with our partners, we have developed sustainable mohair production guidelines aimed at providing a roadmap for farmers and other industry players to maintain on-going improvements to protect our natural resources. These include developments to advance the economic, environmental, animal-wellbeing and social aspects of the entire production chain.

With so many farms, animals and livelihoods dependent on the South African mohair industry, we see it as paramount that everyone involved in the entire mohair value chain is committed to continuously improving the industry for the better, across all levels of responsibility.