Mohair. The epitome of luxury, produced in South Africa. Yet, with luxury comes responsibility. Mohair South Africa is committed to ethical mohair production in South Africa. We seek to maintain the highest industry standards to ensure a sustainable, profitable and continuously improving South African mohair industry.
Mohair SA Partnership with Oritain – Scientific Traceability

Mohair SA Partnership with Oritain – Scientific Traceability

Mohair South Africa, the industry body for mohair in South Africa, has increased its commitment to sustainable mohair by partnering with scientific traceability company, Oritain. South Africa currently produces approximately 50% of the world’s mohair, accounting for nearly 30,000 jobs for local South Africans. 

Mohair – the “noble fibre” – is lustrous, resilient, and offers exceptional colour reflection, leading to a global reputation for luxury and exclusivity. But, more importantly, it’s sustainable. Mohair is the fleece of the Angora goat, native to the Karoo, and shorn twice a year.

It’s unique qualities – lustre, lightweight, dye-responsive, climate control, durability, crease-resistant, and non-flammable – make it a highly sought after fibre and one that needs protection. With their long-term commitment to sustainability and ensuring the highest levels of social and ethical production and, now, traceability, Mohair SA has partnered with Oritain, a world leader in using forensic science to verify the origin of products and raw materials. 

Oritain uses a combination of forensic science and technology to analyse mohair fibre and verify exactly which country it comes from. This gives manufacturers, brands, and consumers insight into the content of their mohair purchases.

Oritain Chief Strategy Officer, Rupert Hodges, says, “Mohair South Africa’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is vital in not only protecting this luxurious and sustainable fibre but also in helping to drive a more innovative and sustainable industry. And we’re incredibly pleased to be partnering with them to protect the global reputation of South African mohair and help support the wider work they’re doing; for example, looking at how we can also support their Empowerment Trust Programme”

Mohair South Africa believes that shared knowledge, a vigorous commitment to continuous improvement, and progressive, ethical, and sustainable attitudes play a vital role in the success of the mohair industry.

 “The Mohair Industry recognises the shift towards a fully traceable fashion fibre as the future of sustainable sourcing and we believe technology can play an important role in ensuring transparency from farm to store” says Lindsay Humphreys, Head of Global Business Development & Sustainability at Mohair South Africa.

“The partnership with Oritain perfectly complements the progressive developments in the mohair industry with the recent launch of the Responsible Mohair Standard and the intensified training and education programs at a grassroots level. 

The focus of the South African mohair industry is a commitment to working towards a more sustainable and responsible future, taking the environment, the animals, and the people into consideration. The addition of scientific traceability through Oritain is very exciting for the future of the mohair industry”.


About Oritain
Oritain, founded in 2008 out of the University of Otago by Professor Russel Frew – a world-leading expert and advisor to the UN -, uses forensic science to determine the origin of products. Oritain’s main goal is to be the world’s most trusted company at scientifically verifying the origin of products. Oritain has offices in New Zealand, UK, Australia, USA, and Switzerland.